Frequently asked questions about Hybrid Assistant

Does Hybrid Assistant work with my car?

The following cars are supported by Hybrid Assistant

Car Basic Info Advanced Info Braking Evaluation HV Fan Control HV Check
Yaris Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auris Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auris TS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prius 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RAV4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
NX300h Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prius 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CT200h Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RX400h Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RX450h Yes Yes Yes No Yes
IS300h Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prius+ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prius Plugin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prius C Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sienta Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Camry MY14 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prius 4 Yes No No No No
C-HR Yes No No No No
Ford Mondeo Hybrid Yes Yes No No No
Toyota Highlander Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toyota Estima Hybrid Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lexus GS450h Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Crown Yes Yes Yes No No

When will the Prius 4, C-HR and Prime be fully supported?

PIDs for HSD4 are different from previous versions and are not public.
When they will be published, they will be implemented: we have no estimate date, since it doesn't depend on us.

When I stop and restart the car, some data is missing or corrupted

Hybrid Assistant should not be kept running while the car is powered off and on again.
Close the app when you turn off the car: the Autoclose option may help you.

Is my phone or tablet supported?

Any Android phone will probably work with no issues.
Be aware that low cost phone may have a low quality Bluetooth interface: disconnections and application errors have been observed with cheap units.
The following models have been tested with success:
  • Asus Zenphone, Android 4
  • Asus Zenphone3 Asus_Z012D 6.0.1
  • Cubot Note S, Android 5.1
  • Elephone P6000, Android 4.4.4
  • Google Nexus 7 2013, Android 6.0.1
  • Google Nexus 7 2013 Cyanogenmod 14.1
  • Google Nexus 5
  • HTC One M8, Android 6
  • OnePlus X
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Android 4.4.2
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy Trend, Android 4.2.2
  • Sony Xperia Z1c, Android 5.1.1
  • Sony Xperia Z3, Android 5.1

Which OBD adapter should I buy?

Check the OBD page

What is the best configuration for using Hybrid Assistant to its full potential?

The most important equipment item is the OBD adapter: go for OBDLink LX and you won't regret it.
Use a dedicated phone/tablet: no SIM, no data connection, no WiFi active while driving.
Phone model is not really important as long as it's running only Hybrid Assistant.
A single core, 1 GHz Samsung Galaxy Trend with 512 MB RAM performs exactly the same as a Sony Xperia Z1c with 4 cores at 2.2 GHz with 2 GB.
An old, dismissed phone will do just fine.

The product page of OBDLink LX says: "Note: This product is not compatible with hybrid or electric vehicles". I'm not sure this is the right adapter.

That warning doesn't refer to the car models supported by Hybrid Assistant.
If your car is listed in the support list of Hybrid Assistant, you can be sure the OBDLink LX will work on your car.

My adapter works with Torque, why doesn't it work with Hybrid Assistant?

Hybrid Assistant is a free app, developed in our spare time.
Supporting all adapters is a massive task we can't afford.
And beside that, some of them are really unsupportable: check the OBD Quality page
If your adapter works fine with Torque, then feel free to continue using Torque which, by the way, is a wonderful app we also use.

Why some features of Hybrid Assistant do not work with all OBD adapters?

The 12V battery check reports a low voltage: should I be worried?

12V battery voltage reading is performed by the OBD adapter.
Use an high quality one to have a reliable value.
We had reported cases of low voltage due to clone/low cost adapter: using a digital multimeter or a good adapter proved the battery to be healthy

Is there a version for iPhone?


Is there a version for Windows Phone?


Is a port to other platforms in the works?

It's not planned 

Is it a political or business decision?

Hybrid Assistant is a free app, developed by enthusiasts only for fun. We just choose the platform we think is the most satisfying to develop on.

I have disconnections while using the app.

Disconnections and/or slow performance have been reported when there are other devices connected by Bluetooth. Try disconnecting speakerphones, music streaming, smartwatches or health bands.

The battery fan is going on and off.

You may have a slow adapter: if you have a low number of requests per second (the number lower right), the fan will not be driven correctly.
Possible solutions are:
  • use a high quality ODB adapter
  • do not run anything on the background
  • disable data and Wi-Fi connections
  • use dedicated phone or tablet
Also, if you're using automatic fan management and the car cabin temperature is higher than the battery temperature, the fan will stop to prevent overheating.

After closing the app, I still have a "Service running" notification.

You must properly close the app by pressing the Android "back" button or by using the wrench menu.
If you just press the "home" button, it will keep running in the background.

I've selected the wrong bluetooth device by mistake.

Tap the bottom status line and you'll be allowed to select again the bluetooth device.

Can I select intermediate speed for the battery fan?

Battery fan control works only at full speed.
If you want intermediate speeds, just let the car manage it.
Forcing an intermediate speed at an inappropriate temperature may shorten your battery life, so we use full speed to be on safe side.

How can I check my battery health?

The speed reported by Hybrid Assistant is wrong.

Car manufacturers are required by law, to make sure the car does not display a speed value lower than the actual speed.
To be on the safe side, the car will always show a speed value greater than the actual one.
Hybrid Assistant shows the real speed, as gathered from GPS and additional sensors, so it will show a value lower than the car indicator.

The fuel economy shown by Hybrid Assistant is different from the one from the car. Shouldn't they be the same?

Hybrid Assistant calculates fuel economy using an different algorithm from the one used by the car.
If you compare actual fuel consumption at the fuel pump, you might notice that Hybrid Assistant provides a more accurate estimate.

The App says I need to upgrade my firmware, but my phone is already up to date

Some versions of the OBDLink firmware has a known bug that causes disconnections and corrupted data.
If Hybrid Assistant detects such a version, a message will be displayed.
You can update your OBDLink adapter by using the OBDLink app, as shown in this video.
As of this writing the current working firmware is version 4.3.0